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Tips for completing Call of Duty-Basic Missions # 003

[Americans: Mission 1] Pathfinder

June 4, 1944
Watch 2330
Outskirts of Mer Eglise, France
Contact Sergeant Heath

I landed in the middle of nowhere. The area seemed peaceful. My fighter was there. I had to find him. I headed for the nearest hill. In the distance, I noticed an enemy soldier taking care of his physiological needs. I shot it from a safe distance using the zoom. The building on the right was empty, so I immediately turned left in the direction of the compass.

Get the sergeant's foot bag

As I passed a small tent, I found the sergeant's body. He was killed. His bag was on the ground. I took it. Inside, I found a radio transmitter that, when properly positioned, pointed to the landing site of the main strike force.

Set up a radio beacon

I could hear the Germans talking in a bunker nearby. I sneaked up on one of them. The moment I fired at him, the other one leaned out. After neutralizing this opponent, I took their place. Then I went out through the passageway on the left into an open field. I installed the radio transmitter in the specified location. The landing of the forces has begun.

First, I let my comrades get away, taking out the opponents peeking out from behind the ruins myself. My friends and I hid in a safe place around the corner (to the right), shooting from behind the shutters. After clearing the ruins, I went to them, removed the survivors, and put the cargo under another tank.

The compass is my friend. The compass, the four corners of the world indicator in the lower left corner of the screen will always show you the way to your destination. If you get lost, take a look at it to quickly learn about the situation. Unfortunately, it is of little use indoors, but with the help of a detailed guide, you should have no trouble finding your way around. Remember that a rapid-fire rifle is best suited for rooms, but at long distances, only a shotgun that shoots single bullets (preferably with a telescopic sight) will work.

I helped them by shooting at the soldiers running from behind the building on the other side. There was a large group of them, but moving forward with the team, we managed to neutralize all of them. Finally, the mortar fire began. At this time, the territory was cleared of enemy soldiers.

Keeping to the right, I reached the building safely, the machine gun was installed in the gap in the wall, and the entrance was a little further away. I used it to get inside. Immediately noticed the damaged wall above the anti-aircraft tank. I fired at his team and shot down the men in the trench to the left of the tank. The passageway was cleared , and I returned to the open area and turned right to find another building with a hearth.

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